making your homepage

Want the latest news, sport, entertainment and lifestyle content at your fingertips? Got an Orange email account, come back regularly to check your mobile bill or top up your phone? Make the first page you see when you open your web browser and get quick and easy access to everything you need.

Here's how to do it:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher

Select Tools at the top of your web browser, and click Internet Options. In the General tab type in the Home page section. Click Apply, and then OK.

Mozilla Firefox

Select Tools, then Options. Click on the General tab and then select 'Show my home page' in the 'When Firefox starts' dropdown box. In the Home Page box enter Click OK.


In the Safari menu select Preferences and then General. Go to the Home page section and type in

Google Chrome

Click on the spanner icon, then on Options. In the Basics menu there is a section called Homepage. Check the 'Open this page' option and type into the box. You can now close the Options window.

If you use any other browser please check the Help menu for details on how to set as your homepage.